There is more to prices than just euros per kilogram.

It ultimately comes down to money – and what you get in return.
You want to get the active pharmaceutical ingredients you need quickly and at the best price possible. We are perfectly positioned to make sure you do – and offer you new perspectives in procurement. We provide ideal solutions for your active ingredients as well as excellent contact to manufacturers and effective logistics, and we specialise in veterinary products and quality management with our own audits and inspections. We take care of everything for you – so you can focus on your own business.

Everything from a single source
Multiple suppliers can complicate your business day − unnecessarily. After all, ACTIVET provides all the crucial ingredients you need for production.

And at ACTIVET, we bring together more than our experience and expertise: our purchasing power is key, too. Thanks to long-standing personal relationships, we enjoy an excellent reputation in the industry. Buying in large quantities gives us many advantages with manufacturers − advantages we pass directly on to you. This starts with competitive prices and extends to identifying alternative manufacturers and expert assistance in the approval process.

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