There can be no compromises when it comes to quality.

You have high standards – so do we.
As a pharmaceutical company, we are naturally subject to the strict regulations of the German Pharmaceutical Law.

Headquartered in Hamburg, we are supervised by the health authorities of Hamburg, which means we undergo regular inspections to ensure compliance with the applicable regulations. All our licences have always been successfully renewed.

We supply active pharmaceutical ingredients that have been imported into the EU and approved by our professional experts. We regularly audit our selected manufacturers to ensure the consistent high quality of the substances we supply.

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Certificate
ACTIVET GmbH holds a GMP certificate, which complies with the Good Manufacturing Practice requirements.

GDP (Good Distribution Practice) Certificate
ACTIVET GmbH holds a GDP certificate, which complies with the Good Distribution Practice requirements.

Pharmaceutical Wholesale license
ACTIVET GmbH holds the required wholesale license according to the German Drug Law § 52a AMG

Import licence:
ACTIVET GmbH holds an Import license according to German Drug Law § 77 AMG for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients from microbial and animal genetic.

Organisational structure:
ACTIVET GmbH acts according to high quality standards, guaranteed by a comprehensive pharmaceutical quality assurance system.

Scientific and technical services:
ACTIVET GmbH offers professional quality assurance and approval support services for active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Quality assurance:
We qualify our suppliers as part of our quality assurance system. This includes production facility audits as a rule.

All over the world, we apply for and take part in regulatory inspections of API manufacturers. We help you evaluate manufacturers and products with documentation, from the qualification of manufacturers to GMP audits.

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